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Working from home and self care

As we are all working from home I cannot stress enough how important it is to look after ourselves. My advice would be, to take that 15 minutes, go for that walk, meditate, please do whatever it takes to look after you!

I'm not sure how you all feel, but I sure do find it hard working from home. I am managing it a lot better now, but initially I constantly had a sense of feeling that I always had to make myself available, and even going to make a cup of coffee I would take my phone with me as I didn't want to miss any calls and then I would rush back to check emails.

I also found that I was so engrossed in what I was doing that wasn't even having proper lunch breaks! I found myself so busy that I wasn't leaving my desk for hours on end.

Looking back on reflection, I can't believe that some days I wasn't even leaving the house. This wasn't intentional, I was just so caught up in work and I wasn't having that space between finishing work and home life. I was working from home, but constantly on the go - physically and mentally. I was really missing the small things, like my drives to and from work. I didn't realise how much I appreciated that and how I used that time to unwind from work on the way home.

I found my mental health deteriorating and I really started to feel it. I knew that I had to make small changes and stick to them.

I started off by having my short breaks and lunch breaks away from my desk and away from my phone. I also made a point of leaving the house every day.

During the lockdown I was exercising at home, but there's nothing quite like going to the gym! As soon as the lockdown started to ease, I got myself back into a gym routine and started gymming 5-6 times a week. I cannot tell you how much I missed it!

I now feel that I'm getting myself back on track now, and feel myself slowly getting back to 'me'. Who can relate to that?

We can get so wrapped up in what we are doing and naturally have a lot of responsibility. I have found what we tend to do is put ourselves last. We get so caught up in looking after everyone else that we forget about us.

We need to remind ourselves that every once in a while it's ok to put ourselves first. We must remember that it's ok to do things for ourselves and it's ok to take time out.

Self care can look different to everyone, from having 15 minutes peace, to going for a run, meditating to have a few glasses/bottles of wine. You must find what works for you and go with it.

My idea of self care is to have a facial and hair treatment, run a bubble bath and to light some lavender candles. Bliss!

That's my 15 minutes of self care per week, what's yours?

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