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A story of working with nature


From solution to passion

It started with wanting to create a cosy Sunday evening before the busy-ness of Monday came along. 

Time to read a book, share an evening with a loved one, or just to create some ambience to meditate.

What started off as a search for candles to help create a cosy atmosphere at home, soon became a journey to create candles that did not aggravate my asthma. I soon fell in love with creating candles and started creating gifts around them for close friends and family to give the gift of something handmade and natural. 


Experimenting with different materials, I settled on soy wax and essential oils which provide longer burning time. 

To compliment the candles as gifts, additional items were introduced like the candle holders and more traditional (and ancient) methods of lighting a room, with divas. 

This all coincided with my husband and I buying our new home and going through the interior design journey. Everything was just as we wanted when we finally moved in. It was the candles, the holders and the ambience they brought which made a new house into a home.

We hope you find something in our shop to help turn the place you rest tonight into a warm loving home too.

Raps x

What we love to do

Handmade  cleansing bars

Natural soaps which are great for your skin and for nature. Softly scented and cut to various sizes 

Henna Painted Candles
Gifts By Raps: Handmade from natural Ingredients

Nature's essence Scented Candles

Handmade from soy and other natural ingredients and meticulously decorated.

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