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From inspiration to new product idea. Birth of the Vintage Soy Wax Candle, by Gifts By Raps

Before covid hit us, one of the things that I absolutely loved doing were the stalls at Christmas markets and summer fetes. I loved the buzz of it, and would always rope the hubby in!! The Christmas markets were our favourite and we would wear matching Christmas jumpers!!

A few years ago, I placed an order for some craft materials and I was sent some vintage paper I error. I loved the look and feel of it and just on a whim I measured out how much of the paper I would need for a glass candle holder. I then used my heart mini punch to punch heart shapes in the paper and then I glued the paper on the glass candle holder and finished it off with applying modge podge to ensure that the applied paper wouldn't be flammable.

I then filled the candles holder with 100% soy wax and scented the wax with Peach Blossom. I ended up making a small batch of 15 as I wasn't sure if they would sell well.

Around the rim of the candle holder I tied some brown twine and this gave the candles a really rustic and vintage feel.

As with all products that i make, I ensure that I test them out and I was so pleased with them from how the flame was burning, the beautiful scent throw and to how pretty the flame looked through the heart shaped punched holes. They really glowed beautifully!

When we displayed them at our Christmas Market, I was blown away at the reception that we received. All 15 pieces sold out at one Christmas market!!

There were kids buying Christmas presents for mums and grandma's, men buying Christmas pressies for her and people treating themselves! We were so pleased. There is something really special about having a stall at a Christmas Market in particular, there is nothing quite like the Christmas spirit!

We had so many compliments about the scent, and I had no idea that Peach Blossom would be such a hit!!

Since then, I always make sure that I am fully stocked up on Peach Blossom!

*Note - I ensure that all the candles that I make are CLP compliant and attach warning labels to each item.

You can find the vintage candle holder listed in our store both filled with a soy candle or as a stand-alone candle holder.

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