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Celebrating what a brother means to his sister

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Call it Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi or Rakhri.

These slightly different names all celebrate the connection between a sister and her brother across parts of the South Asian community.

This week's #thursdaythoughts is what does #Rakhri mean to you? For me, it's an unbreakable bond between a brother and sister. No matter what life throws at you, you always have a friend for life.

In this shorter post, we wanted to give you a heads up on new product lines to help celebrate this event whether you are able to enjoy it in person or not. Please stay tuned over the next few days as we will be preparing for the release of two cute special Rakhri Boxes, with the Brother Edition (available on this Sunday) followed shortly after by the Sister Edition.

As always, follow us on instagram and, or subscribe (below) to learn about new products and promotions.

Pop back next week for my #thursdaythoughts... xxx

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