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A candle for all occasions: Henna painted candles.

Making candles has been a passion of mine for years. Working with different types of candles waxes, colours and scents. It fascinated me and I loved experimenting! The fact that my house would always smell amazing when I was experimenting was an added bonus! There is something massively therapeutic about making candles and when I am making candles I always feel a sense of calm. We had moved into our own place and I had just got into the flow of things with working full time and also working on my business when we were hit by the pandemic. It really threw me, as I was forever running around doing things at 100 miles per hour and here we were all of a sudden at a stand still with restrictions such as we were not permitted to leave the house unless it was an emergency.

Dealing with the lockdown was a huge challenge for me because I was always used to seeing people and doing things. Now I was faced with dealing with a pandemic and I struggled with that.

I did what the rest of the nation did and carried out hundreds of deep cleans, decluttering and making new dishes hahahahaaaaaaa!

I somehow stumbled across painting tea light candles with henna designs, I literally fell into it and haven't looked back since!

As the weather was so beautiful at the beginning of the pandemic, I would sit in the garden for hours painting designs and perfecting the designs.

At that point the only selling platform that I would use was Etsy and the hubs encouraged me to take a few pictures and upload them on to Etsy. I can honestly say that I was not expecting them to be such a best seller! I was getting order after order and I was blown away! I recall one day when I went to Tesco and I forgot my phone at home, and when I returned I saw that I had received 13 orders!

At one point I was beginning to run low on my soy wax flakes and was panicking!

I cannot believe that from painting a few candles as I was bored I have gone on to receiving orders, including bulk orders for weddings, Diwali celebrations, Christmas stocking gifts and as favours for hen parties, baby showers, etc.

We have included our Henna range below.

All designs can be modified, please do get in touch! :-)

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