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Woahhhh....8th January 2024 already!

Whaaaaat, its 8th of January already! 😮

How are you all doing? I hope you're all well and easing into 2024.

I feel that 2023 absolutely whizzed by in the blink of an eye, who’s with me on that?!

With being off work during the festive holiday’s, it’s been quite a reflective period for me with life in general. I'd been thinking about it for a while and had been in two minds whether to draft a post or not.

I didn't want to jump on the 'new year new me' hype that people do at the new year. That's just not me. But I saw the last time that I wrote a blog and thought gosh that was so long ago!

The nerves kicked in, but I thought to myself that I do want to reflect on the past year and have just forced myself to bite the bullet and do it! Whenever something is out of my comfort zone, I tend to get really nervous and go back into my shell. But I also accept that isn’t going to get me anywhere. Sometimes I really need to push myself with my confidence. I’m going to try and work on that this year!


So here goes, please bear with me and please be gentle!!


Started off the 2023 with GBR going well and orders flowing though nicely. I'd wanted to push forward with it, but got so caught up with work at the time (as there was a lot going on) and my health took a bit of an unexpected turn, and things had to go on the back burner for while.

As i was dealing with ''life' as they say, something happened which literally changed the way that my year panned out.

I’ll never forget this, I was sitting in the waiting area in hospital, and I received a message, a message that literally changed so much for me. A message that started off another journey for me, and for that I am so grateful.

The message was from my precious friend Becca, she was doing a spring craft market and wanted to extend the invite to me. For me this was a sign! I had been wanting to take GBR on a bit of an adventure but wasn’t sure how to and this was perfect!

I agreed without even thinking, but as the time drew closer, I started having major doubts as I’d not traded at a craft market since before Covid and was worried that I’d been out of touch for so long.

As usual, I had been worrying over nothing as a had the best day. The sun was shining, I met so many amazing people, and I havn't looked back since!

Since the first craft market in May 2023, I didn't press pause, and the bookings just kept coming in! I did so many markets between May and December, painted so many candles, painted so many diyas, made so many candle holders and made so many keyrings. By the end of my last market in December to say I was exhausted is an understatement! My craft room/office was a sight for sore eyes! SORRY HUBS!!!!!


Upon reflection, perhaps I shouldn’t have gone so hard, as I really did run myself into the ground. There were some weeks that I was just breaking down, I was working Monday to Friday and then had markets on both Saturday and Sunday and a lot of them were outdoors.

I was so focused on making it through I didn’t look after myself at all. But somehow I got through it! With the help the hubs (such an amazing and precious soul), of a lot of coffee and being super organised!! I also met some amazing people on the way, and also made lifelong friends 💜

A big heartfelt thanks to all of you that have supported me this past year, thank you for helping me make my magic, thank you for the endless cups of tea and coffee (with the cheeky chocolate biscuits and almond croissants!!), thank you for understanding when I couldn’t attend functions and events, and thank you for coming to see me at my markets! Nothing has gone unnoticed and your support means the word to me.

I would also like to do a huge shout out to Becca. I owe a lot to Becca, and she is so super sweet, and she doesn’t even realise how much she has done for me in the past year.

Soooooo all in all, 2023 was on the whole good, but as with everyone's journey, there were some tough parts, sad parts, and parts where I just wanted to throw the towel in.

However, there were some real highs, some really good times, but as they say, with the good times, comes the tough times.

There’s one thing I know for sure, and that is that I’m strong, and I may not always show it, and may not always execute it, but I am strong because I have had to be, because those are the cards that I have been dealt 💪🏻

The person that gets me through the good days, the bad days and the tough days is my person, my saviour.  The one that champions me, when I don’t champion myself, the one that lifts me when life is kicking me down, the one that all of a sudden decided he’s on a mad eating plan that doesn’t include any chips 🙄🫨

To say that we have seen a lot this year is an understatement, but we have made it through and are ready for 2024✨️

The one thing that I’m taking from 2023 is to be kinder to myself and to take things at my own pace. I know that we all talk about being kind to people, etc, whereas that’s true, I also think it’s important for us to press pause and be kinder to ourselves, especially in the times that we live in, and what is going on around the world

In terms of markets, although I’m taking January off, as its super quiet, I’m raring to go, and have a few already booked in.

I do love doing the markets, I love being out there in the community, speaking to people and being in the buzz of it all. Initially I was petrified but it has really pushed me out of my comfort zone, and it really has done wonders for my confidence!!

My message for this year is lets be kind to ourselves as we cant pour from an empty cup 💫

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