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A gentle start to the new year

Who has the January blues....I sure do!

I'm not sure how you all feel but this month I have found it so hard to get into my flow.

December is so hyped and then when January comes around there is a slump but I don't think that I've ever felt is as much as this year.

The Christmas holidays seem like a distance memory!

December was quite tough as I kept hearing of people around me with increasing mental health struggles, and also of a few people passing. When I hear of people with mental health struggles, this triggers me as I have been there myself. I keep saying this, people need to be more kind and considerate. You don't know what people are going through.

I feel like I've lost my mojo a bit but I acknowledge that I also need to keep myself busy otherwise i will spiral. I have been doing self care things for me and I have to say that this has been quite nice! I'm used to doing things for everyone else and running around for everyone else that when it comes to me I'm usually too tired!

I've set up a salt lamp in my living room, and have started to take time out each day to light some candles along with the salt lamp and do to some deep breathing and meditation. I just wish I had started this sooner!!

Not sure if it is this time of the year or if there is something in the air but the negativity out there is real at the moment, I would say that we have to protect ourselves and protect our peace.

I'm sending love, light, positivity and strength to all those that need it. Life can be amazing, complicated, messy and everything in between and it can all change in an instant. Hold those around you a little bit closer, and check in with loved ones.

You are stronger than you think and you got this!

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