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Responding to a last minute request in socially distanced times.

Updated: May 25, 2021

A friend frantically sent me a message on a Wednesday saying...

"Raps, I need personalised baby shower favours for a baby shower that I am arranging for my sis in law.....can you help.....but I need them by Saturday".

Time was against us, but responded to her immediately saying.... I'd be delighted to assist!

As the favours needed to be posted out near and far, I got working on them straight away. She sent me something that she saw, and also sent me the colour theme and my only question to her was "Niki can I freestyle?" and her response was "hell yeh"!! So off I went, into my zone and once the ideas started flowing they wouldn't stop!! The colour theme was soft greens and gold and gosh I went to town! The first thing I did was to make the candles, hand poured scented 100% soy wax tea light candles. Once they had dried and set I then hand painted henna designs on each candle, keeping in with the theme of a soft green and gold. The candles came out beautifully.

There is something uplifting about making and sharing henna painted candles. It's like passing joy onto someone. I then made a start of the kraft labels, on one side I attached the personalised label, stating the names of the couple along with the date of the baby shower and on the other side, I attached the cutest 'Baby' confetti. The favours were coming together and I was so chuffed! I needed a little something else and also included this within the favours as I thought this was very apt... "This is a candle gift for you to light once the stork has made its flight. And when that happy day is here, light the candle and spread the cheer!" I then hand stitched each kraft label onto the centre of each organza bag. I absolutely love putting together bespoke personalised gifts and doing this order, I was in my element!! I have to say, I was so chuffed with the end result and then made a hand delivery to Niki. Niki tells me that the virtual baby shower went down a storm! Wishing you all the best Rhia!!

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