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Take a little time to find solace

We have been here since March 2020 and we have been back in the lockdown a number of times, I actually can't keep up! Throughout the summer of 2020, things had started going back to normal but then in autumn and winter we were back in lockdown. I remember I made a plan to go Christmas shopping and I was so organised that I even made a list of gifts for my loved ones but then we had the announcement and went straight back into lockdown. Needless to say, my Christmas shopping didn't happen!! Christmas was particularly difficult for me, as just before Christmas the hubby was tested positive for covid and he had the more aggressive strain and was bedridden for weeks. When we did have that very short window to meet family/friends on Christmas day, we were unable to do that as we were isolating. It was an incredibly lonely time. One thing I would advise is try and stay away from constantly watching the news. This can be so draining and can also bring you down. I had to stop watching the news, as it was the same thing day after day and it got really depressing. I knew that when there was any further announcements, I would know about it. Taking a step away from watching the news really helped me and I started to feel lighter and fresher as opposed to constantly feeling drained and suffocated. So here we are in June 2021, thinking that the restrictions were going to be lifted on the 21st June, but are told that this is now moved to the 19th July 2021. As things start going back to normal I can't stress enough how important it is that we look after ourselves and our mental heath and wellbeing. We have been at home for so long that the thought of returning to life pre covid is daunting. We have to stop being so hard on ourselves. We need to take it slowly, and listen to our bodies and listen to what we need. If you don't feel ready to go out and meet friends, don't do it until you're ready to do so. We have spent so long not having any social gatherings and now it kind of feels that we are getting thrown in at the deep end. If you need more time, that is completely OK, and you shouldn't feel bad or guilty about it. One thing I would highly recommend is exercising. It's good for the body, mental health and soul. Find out what works for you, it could be walking, swimming, canoeing, it could be anything. I was exercising at home, but when the gyms opened, I raced back to the gym. Going back to the gym has almost given me a new lease of life. I'm adjusting my working day, so I pop out during the day, and honestly it's the best thing that I have done. After a long while, I feel that I have found my balance. I won't be rushing out to social gatherings, and that's ok with me. I'm going to take my time and work on me! Do what feels right for you, we are all on our own journey.

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